Website Builders

There are a great deal of different website builder systems out there.  Many advertise their services as cheap or even free. 

Always consider:

What are the full ongoing costs of your site ongoing?

Do you have the time and skill to do this work yourself?

Can the system be adapted to match the visual identity of your business or organisation precisely?

How is your business likely to grow. Can the system you choose offer scope for growth and bespoke extras?

Content Management Systems

Even on simple sites, you need to organise your website files and also allow scope for growth. 

Systems such as Wordpress and Joomla offer a way to store your content and display it on your website.  

Plugins are add ons which allow unique features to be added such as forms, display of your images, search or even ecommerce functions. 

Bespoke solutions can be added to CMS systems,  for example to add an events page out display content in a specific way unique to your website. 

I have experience with several different CMS systems as well as bespoke systems and can help choose the best tool for your business needs.