A domain name is the friendly address everyone will use to visit your site,  like www.google.com or www.branchoutwebsites.com.

Domain names are sometimes global, like .com .org or .net

Quite often they will be specific to one country like .co.uk or .org.uk

It's also useful to remember that .com refers to commercial sites as does .co.uk whereas .org and .org.uk refer to organisations. 

It's not quite as simple nowadays, and there are a huge range of different endings for domain names. 

Choosing a domain name

You will need to find a domain name for your website. 

Things to consider:

  • Make sure your domain name won't get confused with another business
  • Try to find a domain name that is easy to remember
  • Domains that are long, difficult to type or spell can put people off or make your site  difficult to find

There are various tools to search for available domain names and even suggest domains based on a topic of your choice. 

You may find it difficult to find a domain name that hasn't already been registered by someone else. 

Domain name registrar

You buy your domain name from a registrar such as 123reg. This company isresponsible for registering your domain name against your company name and letting you know when it is due to expire. 

It's really important to know exactly where your domain name is registered and how to access your control panel. Even if you set the payments to auto renew the domain, you will eventually need to access the domain name settings, especially if you start a new website. Keep the details safe!

The same company might also sell other services such as hosting or even website builder systems but these are NOT the same as buying a domain name, and you will often find the cheapest place to buy a domain name is not the cheapest place to host or build your website. 

I can manage the whole process of buying and managing a domain name for you.